How to buy a diamond

When it comes the time to buy your diamond it's important to pay attention to the following:  

-   You want to be assured of quality
-   You want to trust that you are paying fair market value
-   You want to see a broad product variety so you can make comparisons
-   You want to gather as much information as you can and get honest answers to all your questions
-   You want to be assured of good after sales service
-   You want proper certification for your diamond

Trust your jeweller.

A jeweller who is a diamond specialist and should be able to guide you with all the information you request about the 4c's of  a diamond, is the one who will help you in your diamond deal. He owes to give you all the necessary explanations about the  different diamond values and to enlighten you with  comparative  elements about the price differences.

Do not try to make a bargain when buing a diamond. As far as diamonds are concerned, you get what you pay for, and for sure quality costs.

The Decision:
How much should I spend for a diamond?
Whatever you buy it is sure that as time passes, it will loose it's value.
In comparison the diamond you have purchased is the right investement for your money, since as time passes, its value increases or at least remains steady, despite its size and the shape of the ring where is is set.