The color scale in diamond color grading, starts from the total luck of any color D (exceptional white +) and ends to Z (very dark yellow).

The value of a diamond gets higher, as it reaches at the scale the point of Exceptional white +. When a diamond contains stronger yellow color in bigger quantity than Z, it is being classified under the category of NATURAL FANCY DIAMONDS.



The difference between one color grade and another is very subtle, particularly to the untrained eye.
Yellow shades reduces the value of a diamond to the contrary colorless diamonds are climbing in price range.



 Additional to the colorless scalce from D to Z where a colorless diamond is graduated there are in nature diamonds in all colors of the spectrum known as NATURAL FANCY COLOR diamonds.  NFC diamonds are really rare and therefore they are very expensive.
This is a special category of diamonds with colors that variew from red to pink, green, blue, yellow, brown even black.
More rare are the red diamonds, followed by the green, blue, violet and brown ones.