International Certification


Diamond certificates are issued by independent international well known gemological laboratories.

Every single diamond of GALLERY
DIAMOND is certified by the company's 
diamond report. Diamonds bigger in size than 
0,25-0,30ct, are also certified for their authenticity
and quality, by the internationally recognized 
Certificates H.R.D. , I.G.I. , G.I.A.

The GEMMOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (GIA) the INTERNATIONAL GEMMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (IGI)  and the DIAMOND HIGH COUNCIL (HRD) are today's top international associations for the estimation and valuation of the diamonds.

These diamonds can be delivered to the owner, sealed in a special microfilm safety pack. 

Finally these diamonds are being registered in the international lists and if desired, the diamond's unique code number can be laser engraved, on the diamonds girdle.


 I.G.I. sealed diamond    I.G.I.Diamond Rep.

 If you have allready selected your diamond from our diamond inventory, please Request Certificate