GALLERY DIAMOND annually,  organized for ten years, from 1999 to 2008, private diamond exhibitions.

The company during these shows presents all new diamond jewelry collections,  while at the same time the diamond stock of the company is enriched with diamonds that travel especially from Antwerp to be exhibited as well.

It was a tradition for many years now  through these exhibitions to support charity organizations.


 AFRIKA  2007 

2007 the company organized the "AFRIKA" DIAMOND SHOW in order to support  the 250 orphan kids of  HELLAS-THESSALONIKI orphanage, in Bondogou city. These orphans are suffering from AIDS &  find shelter in this institution.

in Afrika.   Part of the sales were given to the ambassador of Cote d' Ivoire, Mrs. Mero Kesesioglou to aim these kids.


 "KYKLOS"  2008                                                                              


December 2008 GALLERY DIAMOND designed & created exclusively "KYKLOS".

A pendant in silver 950 white gold plated with a diamond, brilliant round, brown 0.02ct.. 

Every single piece of this jewel is accomplished by its numbered certificate of authenticity from 001 to 500.

The total amount coming in, from the sale of each pendant is offered to the institution of  KEPEP AGIOS DIMITRIOS in Thessaloniki in order to support  mental disabled kids to become active members of our society.

Big part of this project was financed by the European Union.


"KYKLOS" is promoted till today by our boutique and also through our e-shop.