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March 2013

The Academy Awards are always an opportunity for stars to walk down the red carpet wearing a vast array of dresses, shoes and jewelry. It would seem that this year the silver metallic look and white were the colors that dominated the dresses of actresses at the Oscars. But we are of course interested in the jewelry, and especially the diamonds that the stars wore. We ranked the eight stars that we are granting our own Oscars for the diamond jewelry that they wore at the 2013 Academy Awards.


In eighth place is Zoe Saldana, who arrived at the Oscars wearing gold and diamond jewelry valued at one million dollars (!), including earrings and rings designed by Neil Lane. Her costume was something of a salad, with the actress adding on additional jewelry that made her look like a walking clothes closet. Saldana wore eight rings on six fingers, every one of which had a different design, and none of them matched. She also wore earrings with a string of diamonds, ending off with a pearl. She lands in last place for poor taste.


In seventh place is Anne Hathaway, lead actress in Les Miserables. She would have been better off if she hadn't worn the tight necklace made of diamonds mounted into the shape of flowers, which didn't match the high cut of the light pink Prada dress she wore.

On the other hand, literally, the bracelets she wore matched the straight lines of her dress. She only ranks seventh because she still hasn't learned that large diamond flowers should be shown off, not hidden in the dress line.


In sixth place is Samantha Barks, another actress from Les Miserables.

She walked down the red carpet in a plain black dress with cleavage that went on and on, to show off her sunburst pendant mounted with a Forevermark oval-cut 14.67 caratpolished diamond!

The dress gave the impression that its objective was to highlight the pendant, which it did successfully.

But the sunburst design was rather jarring.


In fifth place was the winner for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who wore a white Dior dress. She wore jewelry designed by Chopard, including a diamond necklace and ring.

Lawrence got fifth place because her decision to wear the long diamond necklace thrown back was a fashion throwback, as well. It looked as though the necklace was chopping off her head. But that didn't take away from her dress, nor from her Oscar for the film "Silver Linings Playbook".


In fourth place was Jessica Chastain, who starred in the film about catching Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty.

She wore an Armani bronze colored dress and Harry Winston jewelry from the 1960s.

Her dress, with its gentle geometric lines, was complimented nicely by her large and impressive earrings.

Despite this, her yellow gold bracelet seemed out of place with the general geometric design, so she only ranks fourth.


In respectable third place was the model and actress Charlize Theron, with a two-piece white dress by Dior and diamond-uncrusted platinum jewelry, also from the 1960s, by Harry Winston.

Her earrings were closely-cropped with a large diamond and they matched the upper half of her dress to a T. Her wrists were decorated with X-shaped diamond bracelets, complimenting the geometric lines of her dress, giving her a stunning classy look.


Ιn second place was Helen Hunt. Hunt has not acted in a major movie in recent years, but she wore $700,000 worth of jewelry to the Oscars.

With a deep blue dress from H & M, Hunt had a quality, classy look.

She wore a tight pair of earrings with large diamonds and an asymmetric amulet piece made of strings of polished diamonds, appropriate for a woman of her age.

Simply a stunning piece.


And in first place is Jennifer Garner – who else? She was escorted to the Oscars by one of Hollywood's hottest hunks, Ben Affleck, whose film "Argo" won the Film of the Year Oscar. Garner wore jewelry worth $2.5 million (!) and a lilac-colored Gucci dress. The jewelry included: a royal choker, small earrings, a diamond bracelet and a sapphire ring. All of these pieces perfectly complimented the design of the dress. Without a doubt, Garner garners first place for the value and the quality of her jewelry.

We thank all of the stars that wore jewelry to the Academy Awards, some of them more stunning, some of them less stunning, and we hope that they'll inspire all women to buy jewelry.

Thanks to the Artistic Director of the Diamond Museum Yehuda Kasif for his contribution to this article.


By: Iris Hortman


Source: The I.D.I.