Each diamond was born approximately 3,5 million years ago, and it is being reborn every day on the fingers of every elegant woman.

The chemical compound of the diamond is C carbon. Yes carbon as the graphite of the pencil. The main difference between diamond and graphite is found in the structure of their atoms.

The structure of the atom of a diamond is tetrahedronic while the structure of the atom of the graphite is hexagonic. This steady internal structure of the diamond is related to the billions of years "trip" of a diamond, from the deep bowels of the earth to its surface.  During this trip the diamonds are subject to extremely high pressures and temperatures. On the contrary, graphite is being crystallized at medium temperatures and pressures, and not at very high depth from the surface of the earth.

Diamonds are coming up on the surface, in the lava of prehistoric volcanoes. Freezing solidates the lava, which is then gradually eroded, a process that lasts millions of years. Many times, water carries the diamonds kilometers away from their place of birth, and lays them to river and torrent banks. This is where mankind discovered the existence of diamonds.

Today the mining of diamonds takes place close to the rocks, which helped the diamonds to come up at the upper layers of the earth. These rocks are known as KIMBERLITE DIAMOND PIPES.